Thursday, February 21, 2008


No video for tonight, just a little nerd-bragging. I'm making this entry on an Asus Eee PC, a very cool (or very cute, depending on who you ask) "ultraportable" computer - one of my client's is considering using them for a mobile sales team, and so I'm evaluating one for them. So far, I like it - the keyboard is actually fairly easy to use (although the tiny right-shift key is a bit of a pain), the screen is nice and bright (although a lot of sites need scrolling at 800 x 480). I think this could be what my client is looking for - I'll be whipping up a small database app for them that will allow them to take (parts of) the customer database with them on sales calls, and to synchronize the data when they have a chance to go online.

My biggest concern so far is battery life - may have to recommend the extended battery for them - but other than that, it's a sweet little machine.

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