Monday, September 27, 2004

Not that I'm bitter or anything,,,

In today's news, a Newfoundland woman won nearly $18 million in the 6/49. In related news, I matched the last digit of the "Extra", which means I won 2 dollars. The ticket cost 3 dollars.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Firefox: Welcome back, baby

It's Monday, but I'm happy - I've got my extensions in Firefox all back the way I like it. Url2Tab has been replaced with TabBrowser Preferences, Super DragAndGo is a new version not appearing in the official Mozilla or the unofficial update lists, and I had to hack the .XPI file for TabX, but it's all working now.

Back to work now - no more obsessively checking for extension updates.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Firefox: I love you, I hate you, I love you

A couple months ago, I switched to Firefox from Maxthon. I had been a Netscape user from 1.0 to 4.75, but after Netscape started stagnating and IE started to take the lead I switched. When pop-up ads started getting bad (thanks so much to our friends at, I found CrazyBrowser and MyIE2/Maxthon.

But then, the Mozilla project started making some major headway, IE started stagnating and requiring security updates every other day, and finally Firefox won me over back into Netscape's camp. With the right set of extensions, I soon found that I was missing none of the functionality of Maxthon, missing none of the security holes, and enjoying a whole lot of new features.

Two days ago, Firefox Preview Release (PR) came out. I confess, I'm a version junkie, always wanting to be running the latest thing, so I shouldn't be too surprised that things went wrong when I upgraded. The base features in PR were better than in the 0.9x series, but my favorite extensions broke. Super DragAndGo, URL2Tab, BugMeNot, TabX - all refused to work in PR. Suddenly, I found myself thinking about Maxthon again...

I know that I just need to be patient. It'll probably be only a week or so till most of my favorites are updated, and who knows - I might even get desperate enough to try my hand at XUL. But I'm still frustrated... yes, I can downgrade back to 0.93, but I like the new PR features too much.

Firefox, why do you hurt me baby? I love you...

So it begins...

Lord help me, I've got my own blog now. What to do now - rant about my job? Complain about how depressed I feel? Whine about Microsoft's crappy software? Wax philisophical? Ask lots of rhetorical questions?

Oh. I guess that solves that one then. Hopefully I'll put some content on here in the not-too-distant future that others will find entertaining, enlightening, interesting, or simply find as an excuse to mock me mercilessly.

Not that I'm bitter or anything...