Thursday, February 22, 2007

Music Video Thursday: "Walking on Sunshine"

I'm on a borrowed laptop, on a neighbor's unprotected wi-fi connection, somewhere in the south where it's 30 or 40 degrees (Celsius) warmer than home... just walking on sunshine, you might say:

And yes, we're back to the 80's yet again - I'm a creature of habit.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Music Video Thursday: "Mindphaser"

I'm fighting off a cold, and I'm stressed out. Perfect time for some loud electronica/industrial.

From 1992's Tactical Neural Implant, featuring footage from the Japanese sci-fi movie Gunhed, here's Front Line Assembly:

I'm on the road next week with limited internet access, so there probably won't be Music Video Thursday next week. See you in two weeks.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Music Video Thursday: "Bring The Noise"

Angry. Angry angry angry angry angry. Grrrr. Stupid users. Stupid co-workers. Stupid passwords. Stupid co-worker gives stupid password to stupid user. Stupid password now needs to be changed on just about every stupid server and stupid application in the stupid company. Too many stupid co-workers know the stupid password. New password won't be so stupid. New password won't be known by stupid co-workers. Only smart ones. Not many of them.

Angry angry angry angry angry. Angry.

Angry. Grrrr. Angry.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Music Video Thursday: "Walk The Dinosaur"

And here we go yet again, back to the 80's...

I have no idea what it is about this song. By all rights, I should really hate this song. The lyrics make no sense. The title of the album has became one of my least favorite catch-phrases ever. The video is pure 80's cheese, with big hair, scantily clad dancers, white and nerdy guys desperately trying to look cool, a percussionist who only plays cowbell despite having a full complement of drums in front of her... and yet, the song (and video) is just so catchy, I just about can't stand it. From their 1988 hit album "What Up, Dog", here's Was (Not Was):

Boom, boom, ackalackalacka boom.