Thursday, February 08, 2007

Music Video Thursday: "Bring The Noise"

Angry. Angry angry angry angry angry. Grrrr. Stupid users. Stupid co-workers. Stupid passwords. Stupid co-worker gives stupid password to stupid user. Stupid password now needs to be changed on just about every stupid server and stupid application in the stupid company. Too many stupid co-workers know the stupid password. New password won't be so stupid. New password won't be known by stupid co-workers. Only smart ones. Not many of them.

Angry angry angry angry angry. Angry.

Angry. Grrrr. Angry.


Cowboy_K said...

Why, yes, it was a bad day at work today. Why do you ask?

The Frigg said...

funny how memory works. this week i vividly remember this video but the music has less registration. stupid anthrax