Thursday, May 21, 2009

Music Video Thursday: "YYZ"

YYZ is the identification code for Toronto Pearson Airport. It's also an incredible instrumental piece by Rush, especially when they perform it live with a massive drum solo by Neal Peart:

On a related note, a 13-year-old drummer named Sara did a pretty decent cover of it (with a MIDI track for the guitar/bass/synth parts), with some fancy stick moves - but what I like best in this is the absolute joy on her face as she's playing. This kid loves to drum, and it shows:

My 11-year-old daughter started percussion this past year in school, and has been enjoying playing snare and bells. Hopefully soon she'll get into a full drum kit (although, for the sake of the rest of the household, I hope it'll be digital!) and have just as much fun.

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