Thursday, July 05, 2007

Music Video Thursday: 80's Mix Tape: "Magic"

Finding videos for all the songs on my 80's mix tape has proven to be a challenge. Some of the songs have appeared here already (here and here). Some of the songs simply can't be found on YouTube (in particular, anything by Loverboy, aside from crappy cell-cam footage from recent concerts, and Kim Carnes' "Crazy In The Night"). Some are just too... for lack of a better word, "yucky", to post here (Frankie Goes To Hollywood's "Relax" and The Cars "Hello Again" directed by Andy Warhol - search for them on YouTube at your own risk). And, in a most frustrating find, one video that was actually posted to YouTube by the record label... but with embedding disabled, so I can't put it on my blog - a big "boo hiss" to Universal for keeping me from sharing Men Without Hats' "Pop Goes The World" from my vast audience. It's an impediment to true culture, it is.

So, there's just a few more songs that I can give you, and quite frankly, I'm not entirely sure about this next video. I think I can sum up this video from The Cars in five words - Ric Ocasek freaks me out:

On a related note, according to Wikipedia (the Internet's most trusted news source, dontcha know), Ric Ocasek appeared on the Boston Phoenix's "The 100 unsexiest men in the world" list. Not that I'm a particularly good judge of manly sexiness (except my own, of course), but I'm not terribly surprised.

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