Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Gmail invites

I just noticed a little box at the bottom of my Gmail inbox for invites. I've had invites in the past, given out some to friends and family, given out quite a few to random strangers in newsgroups, Fark, etc. but lately nobody seems to be asking for them. Anyhow, it looks like I've got 50 - that's "five-zero" - invites to use, so if you're reading this, leave a comment on this entry and I'll send you an invite. Alternately, if you're feeling paranoid about leaving your e-mail address on a public blog, send me an e-mail - check my profile for more info.

Of course, this assumes that anyone is actually reading this blog. Is anyone out there? (echo) (echo) (echo)....


Anonymous said...

Ooo... blog format updatedness. I like it.

Yes, I actually read your blog. Though I've had less opportunity to lately.

- The perpetually swamped


Anonymous said...

Ahhh you are read by a host of rogue opinions.

Lost Wonderings said...

definitely want to jump on the gmail train as well as the H-factor. you should know my email and I can send you H's later if you need that as well.