Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Happy holidays

Time away from work is fun! Yay!

This has been a pretty good Christmas for me. The biggest thing is I got my eyes fixed on the 23rd - believe it or not, it's quite thrilling for me to be able to wear a pair of cheap $12 sunglasses! Recovery seems to be good - had some blurring last night driving on the highway (pulled over and let my wife drive pretty quickly after I figured out that it wasn't going to clear up with blinking), but some eye drops and a few minutes of resting my eyes made that better.

Saw "Super Size Me" again at my folks' place - decided that I need to start exercising and paying attention to what I'm eating. Yes, this is a recurring theme for me, but it's better to keep trying than to just give up and become one with the couch.

And finally, my brother-in-law bought me Halo for the PC on Boxing Day, after I bought it for him for Christmas. I haven't been able to play it, though - my laptop doesn't have a powerful enough video card, and my desktop doesn't have a powerful enough processor. The only other machine that I have access to should run it fine, but it's my workstation at the office. Sigh... and I don't see much in the way of hardware upgrades coming in the near future. Sucks to be me sometimes, I guess.

Gotta run - my son just emptied out the cat food all over the bathroom floor. The joys of parenthood...


Anonymous said...

Holidays always go by far too quickly.

Hey... does work insurance cover any part of the laser eye surgery?


Cowboy_K said...

Not sure if our plan covers it, no - my mother feels some sort of genetic guilt about my bad eyes, so she paid for the procedure.