Friday, October 01, 2004

Lost in the electronic mists of time...

Once, back in 2001 or so, there was a neat website called "A Wind on Small Hands", created by someone simply referring to themselves as "J" - it was a multi-media work of fiction, with very neat artwork, downloadable MP3 music, and an interesting story - something about a small child and a lost angel, I think. Then, one day, it just disappeared, leaving me with an unnamed MP3 file containing a haunting theme song, and a fading memory of an unfinished story.

Today, that song popped up in my Winamp playlist (yes, it's stayed on there all this time), and I got to wondering whatever happened to the site. Google brought back one hit for "wind on small hands", an artist's page at Deviant Art with some of the wallpaper for the site (Trip52 appears to have been another alias for "J"). The Wayback Machine only has the front page of the site, probably because most of the content was in a pop-up window (and it may have been Flash-based as well).

Trip52's artwork has a dark, raw emotional edge to it, even though the art itself is extremely well polished. "Smack" appears to be about heroin addiction - the artist simply says "remembering...". The last thing that Trip52 posted to Deviant Art was "Americana Deceit" on September 17, 2001, with no comment from the artist.

I wonder what happened to Trip52/J - it's like they just dropped off the face of the earth. Maybe they changed to a new online identity - happens all the time, this "Cowboy_K" thing is a new identity for me, leaving behind my past aliases (sometime maybe I'll blather on about those) - but the darkness of the artwork makes me worry that perhaps they didn't live happily ever after...

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